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"The International Security Alliance" Condemns The Terrorist Truck Crash Barcelona

Feb 28, 2018
The International Security Alliance of the Ministry of Interior condemns the terrorist attack that targeted a gathering of dozens of civilians in Las Ramblas tourist district of Barcelona on Thursday.
The Alliance in its statement confirmed on condemning these acts of crime that are rejected by laws, religions, values and ethics. They also stressed that exploiting the innocent civilian blood and intimidation of people is proof that perpetrators of such crimes lack humanity.
The ministry affirmed the UAE's solidarity with the Spanish government in its fight against violence and extremism and called on the international community to stand united to confront and face this scourge, and to exchange opinions and best practices to eliminate all causes threatening the world's international security.
The International Security Alliance was announced in the capital Abu Dhabi as an international working group to confront organized and transnational crime. The International Security Alliance comprises France, UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Italy, Senegal and Spain.



Feb 28, 2018