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About Us

The International Security Alliance represents an international collaboration of Ministries of Interior and includes working groups working together to combat organized and transnational crime.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the French Republic have resolved to join forces in order to mitigate the risk of this challenge. This was done through the creation of an Alliance of Ministries of Interior from 8 countries:

  1. United Arab Emirates

  2. French Republic

  3. Kingdom of Bahrain

  4. Kingdom of Morocco

  5. Italian Republic

  6. Republic of Senegal

  7. Republic of Singapore

  8. Kingdom of Spain


The Alliance was launched in February 2017, with the ultimate objective of protecting the safety of our communities and the prosperity of our countries by combating organized and transnational crimes.

A novel concept and approach to international collaboration among Ministries governing safety and security of their countries, the Alliance has structured its foundation on progressive global tenets to combat crimes within its remit.

The Alliance Secretariat is located in Abu Dhabi, to support the Alliance technical teams in implementing joint projects.


The Mission

The mission of the Alliance is to promote internal security cooperation among its member ministers, in particular with regards to the following strategic priorities:

  1. preventing and combating transnational organized crime;

  2. preventing and combating forms of radicalisation and violent extremism;

  3. the management of borders